Pets - Lost and Found - In or around Mt. Airy PA USA.
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 Rover - Male Northumberland Collie

 Spooky - Female Calico Cat

 Grayson - Male African Gray Parrot

 Bella - Female Red Ferret





My pet answers to the name of Rover, Red Rover and Rover-Boy. He has a scar on his right ear, and loves fried chicken. Rover has a microchip and dogtags. He is three years old. Rover was lost on Saturday, Dec. 10th, at Smith's Bowling Alley.

My name is Matthew Grainger. If you find or have seen Rover, please call me at 615-526-4865, or email me at miltg@firefox.com. If you find Rover, please take him in, he will not bite. He is very friendly. We are heartbroken.

My pet answers to the name of Spooky or Catso. She is a little cross-eyed. Spooky has no tags or chip. She is seven years old. Spooky was lost on Friday, Dec. 9th. She jumped out of the car at the Mall.

My name is April Johnson. If you find or have seen Spooky, please call me at 615-526-4865, or email me at april232@hotmail.com. If you find Spooky, please take her in, she has all her shots. Feed her Fancy Feast. We can't live without her.

My pet answers to the name of Grayson. He is a big parrot. Grayson has a microchip. He is ten years old. Grayson was lost on Sunday, Dec. 11th. He flew out of an open window at the vets.

My name is Ben Dingle. If you find or have seen Grayson, please call me at 615-526-4865, or email me at benny@mac.com. If you find Grayson, please take him.. Feed him parrot food. Please please keep an eye out. We are very sad.

My pet answers to the name of Bella. She is a cute red Ferret and has dog tags. She is one year old. Bella was lost on Thursday, Dec. 8th. She was playing in the yard, when she got out and ran away.

My name is Cathy McGherkin. If you find or have seen Bellla, please call me at 615-526-4865, or email me at cath22@orient.com. If you find Bella, please take her in. Feed her ferret food. Please help us find poor Bella.

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