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Register now to receive free event eMails.

Start enjoying these two unique eMail services today.

Free New Bulletin Notification

You indicate the types of events you're interested in.

When new bulletins appear in those categories, you will instantly receive a free eMail notice concerning that particular event. A link can take you right to the full-color bulletin on your local Board.

For example... Jazz. You love Jazz, you say?

Let's say you are interested in live Jazz . In the Free Event eMail Screen you can click a checkbox in front of Jazz. (That screen will pop up after you register and login below.)

As various clubs and nightspots post live jazz-related events, BulletinBoardLive.com will send you an eMail with all information. Those bulletins will all be for events within an appropriate radius of your zip or postal code. You can also select more than one zip or postal code.. say for home, or the area near your office.

You can select as many categories as you like, and change them as often as you like. Every eMail contains a direct link to that bulletin on the Board, plenty of information, and the ability to opt out right from that eMail, if you want to. No attachments will ever be sent to you, and no eMail addresses will ever be sold, distributed or shared with any third party for any reason.


Free Event eMails

You indicate specific event hosts that appeal to you.

You will begin receiving exciting, pertinent, and relevant announcements, as well as other valuable information from them.

They will never be given your eMail address, however. All their eMails to you must travel through our secure system.

Because we control the mail flow, you can opt out of any or all event hosts' mailings at any time. It's guaranteed!

Three easy steps to register...

For example... Comedy. It's good for what ails ya.

Suppose you and your friends just visited the Rocking Horse Comedy Club, and had a really great time. Naturally, you may wish to get on their eMailing list. But.. on second thought, you don't really want to get on their eMailing list, because you are concerned that you may not easily get off it, or that they may sell or share your address with others. That's where Free Event eMails comes in.

In the Free Event eMails system, you simply click the checkbox for the comedy club, and when they send out an email blast of their upcoming shows and comedy headliners, you are notified pronto. (Please note that this is different than being notified about a new bulletin being posted by them, as in the first example above. It is also different in that the Rocking Horse Comedy Club may or may not be all that local to you.)

You can checkbox as many event hosts as you like, and un-check just as easily- whenever you like. Even Event Hosts say they like this service. How come? Because they are personally users too, and know all too well about having their inbox full of unwanted eMails. And, they know that this service promises many more folks will register for their information than might otherwise.


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