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Just imagine...1

If you could post an event bulletin, and your whole community could see it almost instantly.
If you could view all the pertinent events occuring in your community today, tomorrow or next month, instantly.
If every community in North America could be fully represented on BBL. Might our cultural landscape shift dramatically for the better?


BulletinBoardLive.com brings a fresh new model of communication to the internet.

Bulletins that are large as on a physical bulletin board, and full of life and color. Bulletins that show up first in a broad-spectrum sampling of what's happening in your town or neighborhood, and can be refined to a specific category in seconds, or can expand outward to see events spanning the whole city or county. Want to see what's happening in the community two towns over? Type in the name of the community, and there it is. Bulletins that are in everyone's home everywhere.

Bulletins that are not hidden, not four layers down, not one-liners in a dull black and white format. Bulletins anyone can view without paying, without logging in, without having to figure anything out. They just appear. There they are. Bulletins that can't be ripped off the board, covered up by someone else's bulletin, scribbled on or defaced. Bulletins for terrific events.. whose date hasn't come and gone. Bulletins that aren't only seen by just the people at that particular bulletin board. The Bulletin Board has come of age, and is now ready to fulfill its true potential.



BulletinBoardLive.com is an accessible and democratic forum.

Anyone who is hosting an event in the community, something to which people can attend and participate in, is welcome to post. It is a true community bulletin board, and it is available for use in every community in the US and Canada. With just a bit of practice, even a really great looking bulletin can be fielded in under 5 minutes by just about anyone. Posters must include the address of an event, and a phone number. This and other controls keep out frivolous and objectionable content. BBL is a principled provider of detailed high-integrity community information.

Any board-posted event also automatically gets on the Community Calendar, and when visiters and guests to the board choose to, they can 'opt-in' to receive free and safe eMails from any poster they wish, or from all posters in any category. And, BBL promises that they can opt-out just as easily.



Consider the traveller.

The easy-to-use BBL format is the same in Mt. Airy PA as it is in Richmond VA as it is in Vancouver BC as it is in Mill Valley CA, and everywhere in North America, in fact.

So when someone is visiting, and they want to find out what's happening, they turn to BBL. Instantly they have trustworthy local events to choose from, with all the pertinent information at their disposal. Instead of being a stranger, they can join in the organic life of this neighborhood.


Consider the community.

There's so much pressure these days to dissipate the soul of our communities. TV, a fast car drive out, being glued to the internet, the lure of the Mall.

BulletinBoardLive.com facilitates a flow in the opposite direction. It's tangible. When you look at who's posting, you quickly realize that these are your neighbors and friends, and your community stalwarts, as well as the local institutions and professionals who make up the fabric of your town. BBL is in many ways a snapshot of the life of your community on any given day. Nothing prior has ever given such a clear view of the event horizon. Supporting BBL is an effective way to build bridges, to get people talking and meeting, to get people out of the house, to get local people really and truly participating with each other in a more engaged, heartfelt, and meaningful way than might ever have been possible before.

 Support BulletinBoardLive.com

Spread the word.

Tell people about the BBL service and how it can positively make a difference. Ask organizations in the community to open free BBL 'Event Host' accounts, and begin to post their free bulletins. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to start visiting the site as it picks up steam.

Organize a committee.

Put together a group of dedicated folks to communicate the benefits of BBL around the community. Point to other communities where the service is transforming life there, and make an appeal to do what's necessary to rapidly ramp up local participation.

Hand out this brochure.   PDF Brochure

It describes the purpose and functions of BulletinBoardLive.com, and explains how the service is much more than simply an online calendar. It is a direct call to building the board in the local area, and a direct call to allowing BBL to be a part of the community's cultural, material and spiritual growth.

  Become A BBL Booster
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