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What is BulletinBoardLive.com, and how does it work?



Holding a community event tonight?

Let's say you are holding a meeting, a sports event, a theatre or dance event, a slideshow, a political debate, a bake sale, a religious festival, a talent show, a candlelight march, a pep rally, or any event where people converge, and it's scheduled for tonight. With BulletinBoardLive.com, you can reach your town, your neighborhood, your county, your city or just your zip or postal code... in minutes. Of course, you may also post an event bulletin for an event that's not to happen for two months, and notify your audience well in advance.



"It's what's happening in your town." is both a motto and a committment- to building community.

BulletinBoardLive.Com's lists events for today, and for tonight, instantly. It's both local and about what's happening today, as well as what's happening in the future; it's about what I can go to tonight, to enrich my knowledge, to find entertainment, to get involved with the people in my community. BBL is dedicated to advancing affinity, acculturation and communication within communities. Empowerment occurs through participation, and BBL facilitates participation at many levels.

BulletinBoardLive.com exists to provide a platform for event hosts big and small to get their message out, and for members of the community to find events that are appropriate for them, easily and quickly. It is for the family that wishes to announce its yard sale, for the local playhouse to inform the area about upcoming theatrical events, for the Town Hall to let everyone know about an important speaker they will be presenting, for the High School Hockey Game, and the rodeo or circus that's coming to town- and a thousand other types of events.



BulletinBoardLive.Com is more than a list.

All bulletins posted to BBL are content-rich, colorful, and graphically interesting. BBL provides event-hosts with enough screen real-estate to get their message across. Site navigation is simple, consistent and intuitive. BBL provides an iconbar for each bulletin, which contains a map and directions link, a link to the event host's website, an embedded email link to the event host, a print bulletin utility, and a 'share the bulletin with a friend' function. There are many ways to organize and filter the data to find just what you are looking for.

Users may register for receiving broadcast emails from event hosts, and event hosts can count on a large audience for their broadcast emails. Users may choose to be notified by BBL when a specific organization is holding an event, or choose to be notified about anyone hosting an event in any number of broad categories. BulletinBoardLive.Com facilitates this communication, but does so in a "one-way mirror" fashion. User's email addresses are never shared with event hosts, and users may opt in and out of receiving emails by simply checking and unchecking a box.



What it is not.

BulletinBoardLive.com does not currently list classified advertising, local tradespeople or professionals, employment opportunities, merchandise for sale, commercial establishments, etc. Exceptions are made for Restaurants, and Grand Openings of commercial establishments. Professionals holding classes, workshops and training courses are most welcome.

BulletinBoardLive.com will scrupulously delete any postings which contain inappropriate content or images, and bar such posters from its service in the future. If you find any questionable postings, please notify us immediately .

No anonymous postings are permitted. All event hosts must list their full name, email address, phone and physical address, as well as a phone number for their event, and the local address where the event is venued. Your event's phone and address information will be posted live. These requirements promote a high level of integrity to the information, and thus the services, provided by BBL.

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